The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling -Ireland 1965. What was once rumor is now fact as ABKCO Films presents a brand new cut, meticulously restored and fully-realized version of this first-ever, legendary but never released film. Shot on a quick tour of Ireland just weeks after “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” hit # 1 on the charts and became the international anthem for a generation, The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling - Ireland 1965 is an intimate, behind-the-scenes diary of life on the road with the young Stones. It features the first professionally filmed concert performances of the band and documents the early frenzy of their fans and the riots the band’s appearances inspired. Charlie is my Darling is a rediscovered letter from a lost world. It has long been a holy grail of rock fans, surfacing in bits and pieces and tantalizing but frustratingly un-synched fragments. The band is shown traveling through the Irish countryside by train; dashing from cabs to cramped, basement dressing rooms through screaming hordes of fans. Motel rooms host impromptu songwriting sessions and familiar classics are heard in their infancy as riff and lyric are united. This new 2012 version of the film with added never-before-seen footage was re-envisioned and restored by director Mick Gochanour and producer Robin Klein, the Grammy Award winning team that brought the classic The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus to the screen. Charlie is my Darling’s dramatic and stunning concert footage – including electrifying performances of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “The Last Time” and “Time Is On My Side” – shows the band developing its musical style by blending blues, R&B and rock-n-roll riffs, and captures the spark about to combust into The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. Candid, off-the-cuff interviews are juxtaposed with revealing, comical scenes of the band goofing on one another as well as unsuspecting outsiders, and offers an unmatched look inside the day-to-day life of the Stones. Originally directed by pioneering filmmaker Peter Whitehead and produced by Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham, Charlie is my Darling is the lost preamble to a life captured on screen. Like no other band, the Rolling Stones repeatedly put themselves under the microscope, allowing the greatest filmmakers of our era – including Jean-Luc Goddard, the Maysles, Robert Frank, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Hal Ashby and Martin Scorsese – inside their world. Charlie is my Darling is the invaluable frame: the unseen story of the band becoming the legend.

Born into a working class family in Liverpool in 1937, Peter Whitehead won a scholarship to Peterhouse College, Cambridge, where he studied Natural Sciences. Having then won a scholarship to study painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, he moved to London, but never picked up a paint brush. Instead, he shot 16mm films, worked as a newsreel cameraman for Greek and Italian television and soon established himself as a documentary filmmaker. In 1965 Whitehead had his breakthrough with Wholly Communion, a documentary of an international poetry reading held at the Royal Albert Hall.

Andrew Loog Oldham, the Rolling Stones manager, subsequently invited him to film the band during their 1965 Irish Tour. The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling – Ireland 1965 was shot in three days on one hand-held camera and edited in three weeks. Whitehead’s London work culminated in the legendary Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London in 1967. He then moved to New York and released The Fall two years later; Daddy (1973) and Fire In The Water (1977) followed. Whitehead pioneered a highly personal style of documentary cinema influenced by the cinéma vérité and direct cinema movements, offering audiences a singular vision.

His films are a unique interaction with documentary, art, politics and the supernatural. Whitehead spent the next years travelling the world and in the 1980’s pursued his passion of trapping and breeding falcons in Saudi Arabia. An author of 12 novels, a scientist, newsreel cameraman, publisher, falconer, erotic photographer and occultist, Peter Whitehead has lived a rich life of extraordinary, almost hallucinogenic intensity. He now lives in England.

Andrew Loog Oldham is best known for managing the Rolling Stones from 1963-1967, encouraging Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to write their own material, and producing such global hits for the Stones as "Satisfaction," "The Last Time," "Paint It Black," and "Let's Spend the Night Together." He introduced Marianne Faithfull to the world and co-wrote her first hit, "As Tears Go By," going on to start England's first independent label, Immediate Records. Among Immediate's highly successful artists were the Small Faces, Rod Stewart, Chris Farlowe and the Nice.

Having relocated to Colombia in the 1980s Oldham produced best-sellers for los Ratones Paranoicos and Charly Garcia while establishing himself as a critically acclaimed author of two volumes of autobiography, "Stoned" and "2Stoned." He can be heard weekdays and Saturdays on SiriusXM satellite radio spinning the best of classic and contemporary rock 'n' roll informed by a unique point of view that has won him a devoted following. He has recently completed his third book, "Stone Free," to be published by Escargot Books, and a new album by the Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra, "The Rolling Stones Songbook Volume 2."

Growing up along the Mississippi River in Moline Illinois, Mick Gochanour was nearly as far away from the film world as one could get in America. As a kid, he’d check out silent films and sound effects records from the library and, later, taught himself guitar, becoming a fixture in the local rock scene. He studied film & music and ran an alternative record store before moving to New York in the early 80’s. By 1990, he was working on multimedia aspects of tours by some of the top names in the industry including David Bowie, Madonna and Peter Gabriel. His association with ABKCO began in 1993 when he directed the trailer for Jean Luc Godard’s Sympathy for the Devil (1+1). Later, he co-produced The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus, unearthing missing footage that had long prevented the film’s completion. After 3 years of editing, restoration and mixing, the film debuted at the 1996 NYFF.

His continuing work for ABKCO included Sam Cooke: Legend, for which he won a Grammy®, the restoration of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo and The Holy Mountain, directing the award-winning music video Sympathy for the Devil – Fatboy Slim Remix and numerous commercials, music videos and multimedia works. Most recently he co-produced Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! for director Albert Maysles. Charlie is my Darling is the fourth Gochanour project to be screened at NYFF, his first as director.

Robin Klein is a born and bred New Yorker. She began her professional career in film in 1978 as an apprentice editor in London on The Greek Tycoon starring Anthony Quinn. But it was on her next job where she found her true calling. No Nukes, the 1980 anti-nuclear concert film starring Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and many others was the perfect combination of Robin's passions: 56rock & roll, film and philanthropic work.

From music videos for DEVO in 3D, Bad Brains and Billy Joel, amongst others, to the first films of Nicole Holfcener (later of Walking and Talking, Friends With Money) Robin honed her skills and realized her calling was making documentaries. She was instrumental in archiving the footage and was an editor on 25x5, The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones. In 1988, she began work on the legendary lost film The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus for ABKCO Films and as producer and editor, she spent 5 years searching, collecting and cataloging elements. The film, originally shot in 1969, had its premiere at the 1996 New York Film Festival in an unprecedented 8 sold out screenings. The biographical film, Sam Cooke: Legend on the life and music of that iconic artist, earned her a Grammy.

Her restoration work has taken her to the fringe of the art world, where from 2003-2006 she worked on The Films of Alejandro Jodrowsky, a three film collection from the 60’s iconic cult director. The highlight of Robin's career occurred in 2009, when she worked with her idol, legendary film maker Albert Maysles on a short film to commemorate the 40th anniversary of The Rolling Stones album, Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! – which also had its premier at the New York Film Festival in 2010.

Her latest project is perhaps her most ambitious; The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling – Ireland 1965. As Producer, Robin’s creative vision was instrumental in bringing a new version of Peter Whitehead’s never released documentary of the Stones tour of Ireland in 1965 to the screen. The new film features some of the earliest filmed footage of the band and never-before-seen performances, and required over 90,000 individual frames of hand restored negative, work print and optical prints. Robin is active in animal rights and has created several fund raising films for organizations including The Diane Fossey Organization International and Chimp Heaven.